Course: Dinner / Difficulty: Easy

Servings: 4 Servings Calories: 194.2 Kcal Total Time: 30 Minutes

This smart and basic one-dish, 30 second Easy Moroccan Chicken Recipe is LOADED with hot sweet flavor. it is a gluten free, paleo welcoming weeknight dinner!

Taking everything under consideration , that outing need to be to Morocco, since that’s my dream spot to go to . In any case, by then plans changed and that we are getting to Morocco NEXT year when Mr. FFF graduates!

So now, I’m getting all prepared and making all the Moroccan improved sustenances to feature to the once-over of Grilled Moroccan chicken kebabs, Moroccan strong gluten free paleo breakfast dish and Grilled Moroccan chicken dishes.

Additionally, by and by you recognize why i’m failing horrendously to visit… .they have my favored flavor profiles!

Moroccan Chicken fixings

The fixing list for this weeknight dinner could be to a point long, anyway i’m pinky promising you that it’s supported, no matter all the problem in light of the very fact that the flavors are with great care on point and are getting to make your taste buds SO bright!

Chicken (unmistakably)





Crushed orange




Pistachios (which I learned is remarkable with flavors within the pistachio crusted chicken)


Flavors – ginger, cinnamon, paprika, cumin and allspice

It apparently is not the most AUTHENTIC Moroccan chicken recipe on the earth , yet it recommends a flavor like what I imagine the flavors over there have a trailing sensation like and that i am here for it.

what does it have a flavor like?

Wellll, we’re talking one significant pot of steaming, delicious chicken chest, fragile new carrots, cauliflower and onions all mish-squashed alongside chewy, sweet dates, crunchy-roasty pistachios and this crazy compelling sauce that mixes acidic tomatoes with magnificent, fruity oranges and a brief time later drops a flavor BOMB of searing cinnamon, cumin, ginger, allspice and paprika.

The best strategy to form moroccan chicken


You have to use a meat hammer or moving pin to smooth the chicken to a good slimness. This energizes it cook fairly without over cooking!


Consume the chicken in vegetable oil until splendid hearty shaded. This empowers the juices to stay made sure about and makes it so fragile!


Cook the vegetables and therefore the flavors within the skillet until they essentially begin to pacify, and a brief time later incorporate the crushed orange, crushed tomatoes and dates and pocket for two minutes.


Stew until the sauce just beginnings to chicken – around 5 minutes.

Chicken time!

Incorporate the chicken back in, spread and stew until the chicken is completely cooked – around 10 minutes.


Incorporate all of your fixings – cilantro, pistachios and cucumber – and EAT


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